What Makes Us Special

3 factors makes us one of a kind, not your usual coconut water.

Raw: We are raw, unadulterated, unpasteurized goodness that retains the thai coconut’s delicate flavor and nutrients.

Fresh: What you are drinking right now was still in a coconut hours ago. It’s so fresh you can almost hear it go ‘SAWADEE!’ when you pop open the cap. We don’t really like the idea of drinking canned 1-year-old stale juice and don’t think you would too.

Pure: Absolutely NOTHING has been added to COCOLOCO. Everything you are drinking now is a gift from the earth. We simply repackaged it and passed it unto you to be enjoyed.

How Does It Work

Quite simple really.

1. Place an order (that’s the ‘LETS GO LOCO!’ button right there).

2. Our hardworking production team receives the order and gets     cracking! *quite literally.

3. Wait for the door bell and receive ice-cold coconut water at your     doorstep.

4. Kick back and enjoy!

Giving Back

Breadline Group

A local charity run entirely by selfless and hardworking volunteers who help the aged and destitute by providing financial and emotional assistance to tide them through difficult times. Breadline has no paid staff and no premises. 100% of the proceeds raised will be channeled to helping the aged and needy in Singapore. 

The fundraising has ended. 

COCOLOCO raised a total of $23,317.50 for Breadline group.

We would like to thank all that has supported us and the cause. On behalf of Breadline we thank you for your generous donations. 


Why does COCOLOCO taste so sweet!?

The question should actually have been. “Why does Thai Coconut water taste so sweet” Because that’s the way it is. WE absolutely don’t add any sugar or any additives to COCOLOCO. Everything you taste is as nature intended. Having said that. Each bottle and taste varies from coconut to coconut, season to season.

How long is the shelf life?

Being a natural product, we cannot exactly give a specific shelf life as its not something born out of a lab or production line. BUT from experience it highly depends on the storage temperature. Overloaded fridges will probably last 2 days, good fridges 3-4 days.


ELITE FITNESS Grand Finals 2015
Date: 18th Oct 2015
Time: 8am-5pm
Location: Bugis Junction

ELITE FITNESS Qualifying Round 2 - Power
Date: 19th July 2015
Location: Bugis Junction

ELITE FITNESS Qualifying Round 1 - Endurance
Date: 19th April 2015
Location: Bugis Junction

W Wet Reloaded Endless Summer Pool Party
Date: 5th April 2015
Location: W Hotel Wet Deck

Full Steam Ahead
Date: 23rd May 2015
Location: Tanjong Beach Club


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