• Organic Coconut Water

  • Using only the best raw material



    After having sampled almost all the coconuts on this planet, we found that the Thai Nam Hom variety is by far the best tasting and you can take our word for it.


    Delightfully fragrant and naturally sweet, Thailand's Nam Hom coconut is created for drinking.


    Loaded with electrolytes, it's the perfect thirst quencher.




  • It's Pink.

    This coconut water has never been heated, which means that polyphenols, a type of naturally occurring antioxidant, are not being destroyed and can turn the water varying shades of pink upon exposure to sunlight.


    Pink as nature intended.


  • High Pressure Processing (HHP)



    The latest in food technology


    HPP is a new way of processing juices. By using pressure instead of heat, we found it to be the least invasive method of processing coconut water. Keeping it heat-less, not only is there minimal loss in nutrients, it allows us to retain the fresh taste of coconut that we have grown to love.


    The end result is a coconut water product that tastes as good as a fresh coconut.




  • Tetra Pak



    Now available in 1L packs.


    Made from 100% Coconut Water.

    Affordable yet High Quality ambient.

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